DS|Creator Basic Training


This class is perfect for the new user who wants to get up and running quickly with Creator. Attend this instructor-led, web-based training from the convenience of your home or office. This training consists of one 2hrs session plus bonus review video.

Attendees will be provided with a workbook (PDF) consisting of exercises that are to be completed after the session. Each exercise is based on the concepts learned during the class. Workbook exercises must be completed and submitted to the instructor in order to receive your DynaScape certificate of completion.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Rules and guidelines to learning Creator
  • Overview of Creator and the tools
  • Basic Draw tools - lines, polylines, squares and circles, text tools
  • Basic Editing Tools - moving, copying and offsetting
  • Learning the Basic Tools and Shortcut Keys
  • Understanding and editing layers
  • Review layers, drawing sizes and scale in more depth
  • Overview of Object Snap and Polar Snap
  • Best practices for saving drawings
  • Creating a Building
  • Using the polyline tool in depth
  • Making hatch patterns
  • How to measure lengths and areas
  • Using library figures including making a hedge
  • How to easily rotate and move objects around your plans
  • The ease of Softscape Labelling
  • Exporting the plant list and how to use that in your design practice
  • Importing Fonts and using existing Fonts
  • Adding Images to the drawing
  • Tracing a Survey (Lot Plan) from a jpeg or PDF

During each topic there will be time to practice what is learned as well as a video will be provided to work at your own pace after the class. The Instructor, Beth Edney is a Certified Landscape Designer. She will also include many useful tips to create beautiful designs as well as the best practices in the Landscape Design Industry.

Creator is geared for the Landscape Designer or Landscape Contractor that does not want to learn a complex CAD program while still requiring quotable professional plans to present to clients.