LDS300 - Landscape Design Studio 3


Instructor: Beth Edney
Duration: 3 classes x 3.5 hours - 10.5 CEU Credits

Landscape Design Studio 3 reinforces the knowledge of the landscape design process. Through lectures and practical exercises students exemplify design principles and approaches to problem solving site challenges. Garden styles and Architecture are studied and considered when designing a full set of Landscape Plans.

This class is perfect for experienced Landscape and Garden Designers (or newer Designers that have successfully completed LDS100). This course is also ideal for Candidates prepping for provincial or state certifications.

Topics covered in the course:
  • Measuring a site
  • Creating site analysis
  • Making functional diagram
  • Sketching Concept Plans
  • Drafting a Preliminary Plan
  • Creating a Master Plan
  • Applying Design Principles
  • Incorporating Styles
  • Grading Plan
  • Layout Plan
  • Construction Detail