Design v6

$2,149.00 plus $43.95 per month**  

DynaScape Design

DS|Design is the landscape design professional's go-to tool for preparing drawings. The quality of Design drawings leaps off the page with their fine line weights, precise shapes, and an artistic flare that makes it hard to believe that they weren't hand-drawn.

Create spectacular, information-rich landscape designs that will amaze your clients, help you win you new contracts and assist your crew as they bring your plan to life. In the field of CAD landscape design software, DS|Design continues to lead the way with a level of design quality that remains unequalled in the industry.

The cost of purchasing DS|Design is $2,149.00 (one-time license fee) plus $43.95 per month (subscription fee).

About the subscription fee

Purchasers of the DS|Design software license are also required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $43.95 per month.

All DynaScape software products follow a subscription model, which means that in addition to buying a license for each workstation to gain access to the product, you are also required to maintain a current DynaScape subscription in order to keep using that license.

Being a subscriber in good standing gives you the following privileges:

  • continued use of the software;
  • all software updates, as soon as they're released;
  • access to customer support at no extra charge; and
  • access to related online services, where applicable. Such as the plant database for DS|Design and the 3D components, material textures, and plug-ins for DS|Sketch3D.