DynaScape Sketch3D

$679.00 plus $9.95 per month**  

DynaScape Sketch3D

DS|Sketch3D is an add-on to SketchUp, the world's most popular and readily available 3D modeling tool. Create beautiful 3D models by making use of a huge library of landscape-specific 3D components crafted by DynaScape specifically for SketchUp. These components include plants, ponds, pools, rose arbors and more.

About the subscription fee

Purchasers of the DS|Sketch3D software license are also required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.95 per month.

All DynaScape software products follow a subscription model, which means that in addition to buying a license for each workstation to gain access to the product, you are also required to maintain a current DynaScape subscription in order to keep using that license.

Being a subscriber in good standing gives you the following privileges:

  • continued use of the software;
  • all software updates, as soon as they're released;
  • access to customer support at no extra charge; and
  • access to related online services, where applicable. Such as the plant database for DS|Design and the 3D components, material textures, and plug-ins for DS|Sketch3D.